Murder and hatred is a hobby.
Did you hear about the shooting;
In the catholic church lobby?
It happened as I was looting!

I was just reading a book;
On my device; they call it a nook,
Then I played a game on Xbox,
And I seen a hobo without socks!

Grand theft Auto;
Don't you get the motto?
Is it a simulation?
Or an anger stimulation?

Kid's stealing!
Drug's thrilling!

The world today;
hatred of god.
Yay, or nay?
It's time to get off the iPod.

Dads are playing poker,
And Moms are acting like jokers.
Kids are saving money for drugs,
and hobos with change mugs.

Something has been taken;
Ever since my world was shaken;
From the realization,
and my minds elevation.

The world today.
When was believing considered gay?
I'm improving,
So keep moving.
“There's something to be said that if everyone likes something there's gotta be something fucking wrong with it on some level. Unless it's ice cream.”
― Marc Maron