Hey guys,

Quite awhile ago I bought a Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS808 pedal. The pedal doesn't have a normal AC plug in and needed an adapter to use a modern power supply. However, I lost the adapter in a move awhile back and need another one. Anyone else run into this problem? I cannot find the adapter for sale anywhere on the internet, nor is it on Ibanez's website. I contacted customer support but have not heard anything back from them yet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
The TS808 uses a 1/8 in positive tip plug.

Assuming you are using a 1 Spot or similar center negative adapter, which is pretty much the standard plug type now, something like this should do the trick:


You may be able to find one locally rather than buying online.

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I find wall warts (AC adapters) at resale shops all the time usually for a buck. Most guitar effects use 9V at around 200-250mA. Any adapter that fits those specs will work, provided tip and polarity are correct. At one time I had several, then had to switch, I Use a pedal board with one adapter that puts out 1000mA to handle all my effects with just one, and a splitter I Made up myself.

Look around, any adapter that is at least the mA rating required by the pedal should do fine, normally it shouldn't hurt to go 100mA above that rating. Voltage of course should stay 9V, tip and polarity need to be right. I've replaced tips before too, they can be found at radio shack or electronics outlets and online. Every adapter I've ever seen is marked with all that info.
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