Hey man,

Rather good, the beginning especially reminded me of Sithu Aye. The higher arpeggiated guitar after the beginning probably needs to be made a little bit louder, its almost drowned out by the riff guitar. Also the solo guitar is a little too quiet, again overpowered by the riff guitar. Other than that the volume balance is good, between the bass and drums and stuff. The guitar tone is nice, the drums sound pretty good, though the cymbals are a little harsh, have a look at how you EQ the overhead mics. The toms, snare and kick sound good though.

The song itself is rather interesting, but it does drag on a little. I can hear the use of repetition and development of ideas, but you might want to play a little more with other aspects, such as timbre and texture. Some more fresh melodies would sound good too, I think there is alot of focus on the lower sort of riffy guitar part and its good but if you want the focus to be there, a way to keep it interesting would be play around with what supports it, ie the texture, the chords, dynamics, that sort of thing.

Overall good track, mix is good but needs a bit of fine tuning, the writing is interesting but at times feels a bit draggy. Take more artistic liberties, and experiment with different aspects of composition. The best way to do this is to keep writing music, so, keep writing music!

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Hey dude,

I liked the song, I sense a Periphery influenced riffs there I advice you to work on drum programming. Changing velocity on the hits, so not all have full velocity keeps them sounding more realistic. Also they sound a little dry, and as already said, the overheads are bouncing around like crazy. It is not awful, just a little note there Otherwise, clean playing, just fine-tune your guitar before each take and you should be good! Keep up
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