I almost only ever listen to This Town Needs Guns these days so naturally I've been really inspired by them, and this song is heavily influenced by them (no tapping though). Not really sure about the outro. The vocals are not completely done either.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy.
Was 'opeth' added in there on purpose? Pretty enjoyable, although really it sounded more like Steven Wilson than Opeth. Still, work on it, really good start.

Other thing is like... everything seems to center around the same chord, so its continuously on the verge of moving forward but all that happens is the riff changes every 3 bars. Iunno, not for me, someone else crit that, rofl.

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Oh shit, Opeth was not meant to be in there. I guess I selected it hastily ot something. It's the next thing I'm working on.

Yeah, I was afraid that was a thing. Do you think it would matter if I made a completely new verse section?
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very pleasant and "sunny" song, I liked it. There isn't a huge amount of ideas going on here but song is probably meant to be vocal-driven so it's fine. At the same time it doesn't give me a lot to comment on.