Here it is folks, this sums up everything I have been working towards lately with music. If you like progressive music, especially irrational time signatures i.e. 4/5, 5/3, and even 12/13. There are also solos everywhere

If you want to just skip to my album's climax feel free and skip straight to track 22 & 23 for some crazy saxophone solos
Your style is interesting. It is not near the popular culture, but I kinda dig where you're going. Its a chaos, and it seemed like it works on brain like drugs haha... I didnt listened to the whole thing, since there is alot going on there, but when I feel like getting mind****ed (in a good way) I'll throw that album on autoplay If you're in prog metal you can check out my lastest song and maybe tell me what you think https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1669708
I refuse to believe in the existence of those time signatures

Nah, you can use them but I see no advantage over traditional time signatures when using them, you can make plenty of erratic and experimental sounds with quartered signatures too.

As for your music itself, I'm sorry but I can't give a wholly comprehensive criticism. I usually like to review posts here in full with a breakdown of the components but this album is simply so long that I don't have the time and the patience to do that. But here's my initial thoughts in short:

A+ for the atmosphere. The cheerful song names and the positive feel make this record pretty immersive, it kind of reminds me of video game music, in a good way of course. Some sounds and ambiance you use remind me of Ben Prunty's work. Some of them are completely new to me. Overall the album just feels really nice when you listen to it.

Now for the criticism: my biggest gripe is the fact that it seems that you've taken the "fast random out-of-key notes" approach to experimental music. While some parts are flow very well, some parts sound like you pulled the notes from a random number generator. I listen to a ton of experimental music. Avant-garde metal, modern jazz, modern prog, experimental ambient, stuff like that. And while your approach might have impressed me in the past, nowadays I know that it's possible to write a lot more coherent and beautiful music while still maintaining the chaotic and progressive sound. This does not apply to the whole record, majority of the songs I checked were beautiful and flowed pretty well. But some seemed like you yourself had no idea what to do with them.

A minor gripe is also the sounds. The record is produced very nicely and there are some great sounds used, but some sounded like they were straight out of the guitar pro midi library. But I have no idea about the resources you're working with, and I assume that you have to work with limited gear.

Just my two cents. Take anything I say with a pinch of salt since I'm in no way a better musician than you, and I might enjoy completely different things. But I hope that my criticism is of some help
The only good song is Endless Fields.

I refuse to add stupid ****ing pointless, needless, redundant exclamation marks, despite the irony in my own redundant language.

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The only good song is Endless Fields.

I refuse to add stupid ****ing pointless, needless, redundant exclamation marks, despite the irony in my own redundant language.

That was actually the last song I wrote and put on the album. So I am at least glad to hear that I am progressing towards something nice.

@aaron, I'll give ya a bump, I've already played thru your playlist from last time, thanks breh.