Hey guys, I've got a few too many guitars clogging up my closet and I am trying to clear out a bit, I am also in need of a little money so I am trying to see if anyone is interested.

I have a Japanese Jackson Dinky, this guitar is pure metal :hbang: Black with shark fin inlays, fret board and frets are great, it's got EMG 81/85 pickups, licensed Floyd, Fresh set of stings, Newly installed tremol-no, currently set to full lock down. The guitar has a couple of dings and blemishes but nothing that affects playability or sound. The guitar is a real beast and I love it but something's gotta go and this is it unfortunately. The guitar will include the locking pieces for the nut, the trem arm, and the rear cavity cover which are all not in the pictures. I am asking for $300 shipped or $250 if you can pickup around south Atlanta Georgia.. Any questions please just ask, thank you.