hey assholes
I'm back.
go ahead and leave a comment below so you can pretend its for me to grow.
posted my last masterpiece not that long ago.
but still the views come in, but no comments show.
I'll be famous like Van gogh and Monroe, but dead bloody red in the snow...last breath...
...**** the talk show......****ing stupid bitches...

okay so I'll let go, doesn't mean shit to me, I'm not fit to please, so quit now please.
okay....at ease.

not, fightin down to the last moment, for the open poet was chosen.
the omen spoken was chosen, and stands looking into satans eyes waitin to be forsaken.
finding something in the mist, an evil nun, I guess the deal is done...my deed is done.
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Quote by buzerumton
That's so deep bro.

for sure my bro.
thanks for the comment...do I need to improve? haha =)