Picked up a crazy good deal from guitar center believe it or not. Its a Charvel DS-1 st. Its an absolutely loaded guitar with great tone and feel. However, I went in tonight looking at a cheap ltd, and ended up with this. For.....$200 brand new!

The Seymour Duncan blackouts are fantastic in the mahogany body. Heavy and brutal as ever. I usually play my own stuff, but for regards to the review, I played Parkway Drive, Behemoth, BTBAM, The Faceless, After The Burial, and a few more. Played through a line 6 pod xt, Peavey Classic 4x10, the distortion is fantastic. Thicker than emgs, but cuts through more.

The feel is great. Its way lighter than my les paul, but sounds just as full. The neck is untreated, so its crazy smooth. It has a cool looking neck joint, the binding and inlays are great.

The only real qualms I have with it is a tiny bit of fret buzz, but I fixed it with a string change and action. The other is the reach to upper frets, I can reach them but just barley. The headstock is a bit, eh, but personal preference.
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$200 bucks? Absolute steal. Happy NGD.

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Charvel crazy discounted their first run of the Desolation series a little while ago. So now you can get these great guitars at super low prices.
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Thanks all! Its truly an amazing guitar for the price. I plugged it into Blackstar Artisan today for about an hour, and the guitar absolutely wails! Also, that blackstar is phenomenal.
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You have no experience with racks??? What kind of guy are you?
I have the same guitar, it is a killer guitar and at that price it is absolutely amazing..well done.
Looks good!
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