Man, some days I feel like I'm really on top of my game and everything is coming out like it should and i feel great about it. Other days I literally sit at the guitar and feel like i couldn't put together a decent progression to save my life. Every note I hit is wrong, and it just sounds like ass.

Is frustrating for me because sometimes I will have solos that are really good ( at least for me) and my guitar teacher will tell me that they were great and that I was in the zone. Other days its like i just can't find that gear. I find like my mind is just operating in a different way.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had these confidence issues, I feel like when I get down about my music, I end up actually getting worse-self fulfilling prophecy.
Some days I'm just more creative and really feeling it, other days I'm at a normal sort of mindset, and other times I just have a bad day - it depends on the mood I'm in. I've been playing long enough and know enough about music now that I can almost always fire out some bullshit that sounds decent enough, but to me sounds boring and uninspired. This happens when I'm feeling boring and uninspired.

Generally if I'm not feeling it I'll do something else, unless I'm working on something with other people - but usually when I'm with other musicians even if I wasn't particularly feeling it I can feed off of their ideas and end up getting into it anyways.

If you're still in the beginning phases of learning to solo then you may need to go ahead and push through even when you're not particularly feeling it, like during a lesson or during a set practice time (if you're the kind of person that follows specific practice schedules). During those times that it's just not working try to change your focus from trying to play an awesome solo to learning about phrasing and following chord changes and such. The same thing would also apply to songwriting in general.
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Hi man, it's natural to have ups and downs. The better you get the better you'll be able to perform in those down moments. I've seen the best guitarist (when I was studying at Musicians Institute) in the world having a bad day and i could really tell that they are having a bad day, but it happens. Like i said the better you get the better you'll be able to perform on a bad day. The key point here is. DON'T make a bad opinion and beat yourself up on those days, that will never help you. Set your goals, stay motivated and do your work on the guitar and you will get there for sure! Your mind and your thoughts must help you, not put you down. So when you have a bad day, just admit, ok i have a bad day, it happens, it will pass. And it will. Don't put to much attention on those days/moments. Concentrate on the progress.
"Concentrate on the progress."

This. A million times this.

Don't fall into the mental trap of "I must master X by Y"

Just enjoy the process of growing creatively every time you play and getting good will take care of itself.
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