Hey guys,

Here is a new song of mine, not really like much i have done in the past.

I'd love some feedback, C4C as always



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Hey man,

The thing has a nice vibe, and the soloing is pretty cool, it attracts attention. If I were you I would play around with the texture as the song goes on, with a sort of repetitive thing like this, at least repetitive in terms of melody, you need to play with other aspects of the song to keep it interesting. Things like dynamics (changes in volume) and texture are go-tos. Other things would be using the instruments you already have going at the moment and trade the melody between them. A listener can get really in to that sort of thing going on in a more atmospheric piece.

In terms of mix, things are easy to hear in the song, though maybe some slight differences in tone would make the different layers more discernable and actually make the texture sound thicker/more varied too.

Its a pleasant track, with alot of potential. Keep up your writing brother!

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This sounds really good, but it's crying out for a band accompaniment. I can hear this with drums, bass, and vocals. But the compositional ideas are very good. The subtle play with pungent atonalities is beautiful, and the whole kaleidoscopic texture is most appealing. The mixture of tones and emotions is totally congruous, creating a mini-symphonic tapestry of soothing timbre.
I would suggest that you think about where you want to develop this sound. It could work as an instrumental, but still it would need further development. Or it could work as a vocal track. In it's present form it's basically a demo of your excellent and tasteful guitar skills.
But this is ripe for development - it could form the basis of something quite exquisite - in fact in itself it is a delightful sound, but more of a pretty background waiting for the painting to be finished.
C4C here.