looking for honest opinions based on use...i know there are alot of fanboys here and haters of both these companies so please just base replys on what you have used...and what you are familiar with. No offense to anyone but the whole modeling sucks or blackstar sucks tone is not productive....I can say i had a mustang 4 series 1 and sold it pretty fast as it just didnt do it for me....alot of guys love it for what it does but for example i have an older ad60vtx by vox that is very good sounding for my needs as a practice amp and i have an older cybertwin se by fender i think is decent as well..but not perfect....I alsi play an egnater tweaker 40 and a spider valve mk2 that i think is also decent in many ways.....so i am openminded...i dont play metal or heavy rock,,i like blues/classic rock and the heavies i get is vh fair warning type of tone....i like the ability to get more saturated a few times but overall i like that just breaking up crunch tone like the stones or bryan adams..ac/dc...and a chimey clean as well like the police or a fun bluesy tone...

I have the dt25 amp now and HAD a pod hd500 that i sold so considering either getting the 500x or the id260 and maybe selling the dt25......thanx for opinions.
Unless you are doing a buttload of layering the 500X will sound the same as the 500. The amp modeling is the same, it just has more memory.
Do you like the sound of the HD500 through headphones? If so, then you just need a better power amp. Dspellman will say Carvin which is a fair choice because they are very flat, but any good stage or studio powered monitor will do the deed.
If you don't like the sound of the HD500 through decent headphones then it's not for you. You'll have to come over to the dark side with all us tube heads. Actually, dspellman will be able to point you in the right direction to extract a better tone out of it. You may need one of those cab emulators he loves so much.
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