I bought a Bigsby trémolo the day 3 in Music Store.
They have taken the money from my Visa Card,but There´s not answer about this in the page of Music Store.
This was 9 days ago.
I fell bad,because I haven´t my Bigsby nor my money.
There´s not any answer about this,and Ihave ring 3 times and sent mails. :mad
I found them very poor at answering emails, too. I.e. They didn't.

I haven't dealt with them again. I hope you get it sorted. FWIW by phoning and phoning I eventually got through, so perserverance might be rewarded, but it shouldn't have needed to be that awkward (especially since they have plastered all over their website about how easy they are to deal with for international orders, that they can be contacted by email etc. ).
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