I ordered an Epiphone Limited Edition Vintage Sunburst Hummingbird Artist off of reverb.com and it just arrived today. This guitar is beautiful and sounds great! I got it for $135 + shipping and for that I think it was a steal. The action on this guitar is nice and low, and has absolutely no fret buzzing. I was previously considering getting the Pro-1 Acoustic but I'm glad I chose to spend a little extra and get this. The guitar looks great in pictures (I can attach some if requested) but looks even better in person.

I was wondering what your guys' opinions on this guitar. Also if anyone has a little more information on it, it would be much appreciated. I think the top is solid but I'm not entirely sure. I've also read that the nut and saddle on this guitar are bone, but I can't tell the difference. Any tips on that would be much appreciated!
Well, most of Epiphone's "Artist" offerings are "select spruce" tops, which is the industry speak for,"laminated". But hey, if you like it, that's all that matters. I have an Ibanez with a "select spruce top" as well, and it's pleasant enough sounding. At a certain point it seemed a trifle dull, so I stuffed 80/20 brass strings on it, which brightened it up very nicely.

As a starter guitar, the Epiphones are supposed to be set up in this country, so that a beginner isn't complaining of pain while simultaneously losing interest.

For all intents and purposes,you could turn your guitar into a "Pro-1", simply by slapping a set of "acoustic extra lights", (.010 to .047) on it. As you pointed out the action is already set up properly. Beginners are oftentimes dissatisfied with new guitars because of thick strings and high actions. Shrewd marketing on Epi's part, aims to solve that issue, and so to keep you coming back as you pr0gress.

I enjoy the look of Gibson/Epiphone C & W offerings, even if the decoration is a bit over the top. Although, I don't think any "Artist" model, has the ornate but, "wears off anyway", pick guard bling on them

If you want the absolute, shoot from the hip truth, I would have bought the, "Dove Pro", solid top, maple body, (maple is fierce sounding), and electronics. Alas, The Dove or the Hummingbird are out of reach for me, as there's no left hand offerings.

I did manage to grab a pair of EJ-200 SCE's, out of last year's "Limited Edition" run. I couldn't be happier with them. The new Epi acoustics are supposedly made by Sammick in Indonesia., and are a definitely a huge step up from what was coming out of China some years ago.

I always suggest grabbing the AE version of anything, as they might be a tad easier to sell, should the need arise. To tell the truth though, I'm really old, as in the year, "20 BHST", (before headstock tuners). So today, being able to jack in from a pickup isn't as big a deal as it once was. You used to have to tune pure acoustic guitars with a tuner's microphone. As with the prehistoric Korg "KG-1". Before that, perish the thought, with a pitch pipe or the record player.

That said, it's always easy to spend another's money. Then too, I doubt if your 1st guitar will be your last, so maybe next time....

Anyway, congratulations, Happy New Guitar Day", and strum up a storm...!
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Thank you for your input! This guitar is great. I've been playing it nonstop all day. I'm transitioning from playing electric to acoustic and this guitar is working perfectly for that. I was surprised at how smooth the neck is, as it's glossy and I'm used to the smooth satin finish on my ibanez neck.
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