I have been playing guitar for 11 years now. I have owned about 6 mexican Fender Strats. I get rid of all of them because this strat plays better than them all. I don't know how to explain it because it doesn't make sense, but its just the truth. This thing plays and sounds (and looks) incredible.

Selling because I don't really play guitar much anymore and I need money for flight training. I will kick myself for this later on, and hopefully if I return to guitar, I will be able to find one of these things for sale.

Note: the flame pattern is not foto-flame; it is a thin veneer of quilted maple.

$150 shipped/pp'd.

Ordered my first cheap Chinese guitar today should be here in about a week. It is a dean avalanche Strat. If it sounds anything like I heard on YouTube and since it has an ash body and maple neck and Grover tuners I think I will be very excited. The price was $117 with tax!
Should I be worried lol !!! Anyway the ones I heard on YouTube were the Korean made ones because the videos are old. I hope the Chinese can match what I heard on YouTube. That's really my only concern.
We all know that crap is made everywhere, and good guitars come from everywhere. So it's going to be "hit or miss" I imagine. I just couldn't believe I could still get an ash body guitar w/maple neck/grovers/DMT pickups for under $120 !! Especially by a company that is renowned like Dean.
I will post another comment and tell you guys and gals how it is after I play the guitar.. in the meantime, peace!