So, I recently decided to start learning scales, because, you know, they're kinda important. I started learning the usual way, just drilling the shapes into my head, when a different wa just kinda came to me. According to my new idea, I could just memorize the notes of the fretboard, then learn the notes of the respective scales. My question is, is there anyone out there who learned/ is learning scales this way? If so, how well did work? Or should I just stick with the more traditional method?
Position playing is big at first. Combine this with learning one octave scales off every finger, all over the neck.
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After I had been learning scales for awhile, I started working on memorizing notes on the neck. As I would play a note in a scale, I would say the note name in my head. Try to work on improving your speed of identifying the note as you play. Not only will this help you learn the notes in the scales, but also helps you learn the notes on the neck. Both are valuable skills.

Eventually, you need to work on getting to the place where you're really not thinking in scale patterns as you play. Once you do that, you can open up the entire neck and expand your playing.
Yap, traditional method is better but you should follow up some modern effective way though online. For it, you will like to suggest follow Mark McKenzie's amazing ways to the guitar world.