Looking for musicians to collaborate with for online projects, originals and covers. I do vocals, vocal arrangements, and lyrics. A couple influences lately- The Shins, half moon run, the staves, local natives- the first album.

Looking to collaborate online or locally in the dmv. I'd be happy to put together a sample of my singing.

I am one of the few metal guitarists that I know who really loves alternative, especially with female vocals. I will have to check out the influences you posted for I have been listening to other types of music lately and haven't kept up with the alternative scene as well(just simply trying to expand my ears to different kinds of melody).

In the mean time I will post a link to a song that I wrote, with some finishing touches from my other guitarist, so you can see how I play --->>>http://www.jeremyrodriguez.net/#!music-/c1cnx

Don't be afraid to look around the website if there are other things you want to see.
Hi Emmamor

I would be interested in collaborating with yourself, I will have to listen to the influences you've posted but I'm very versatile and play a lot of different genres.

I can guitar bass or drums, I have facilities to record all them though guitar is my preferred choice.

Have a look at my Youtube channel if you want though I don't upload much anymore and don't have that much on there but it can give you an idea of what I'm like.