I'm getting into home recording (apartment recording actually) and I use the Presonus Audiobox USB with Studio One and was wondering if anyone on here uses the Ampire XT Metal Pack. The amp mods that come with Studio One don't really work for me and since I'm in an apartment putting a mic to my cab isn't really an option. The amp I use is the EVH 5150 III 50 watt with the EVH 1X12 cab and was wanting to know if any of the amp mods in the metal pack are comparable to the sound of the EVH (mainly the third channel). Thanks in advance for any input.
Have a look at the LePou's stuff.
Also have a look at the nick crow's stuff.
Also have a look at the TSE stuff.

All free, all good.

Ampire isn't worth considering if ya ask me.
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