Hey everyone,
So I am trying to use amplitube 3 as a method of playing my guitar (I live in an apartment, and have collected a few too many noise complaints!) I don't wanna use it to record, just use it as a quiet way to practice.

I have the program, and I bought a USB-Guitar patch chord with an audio interface (its a TConnect by Artcessories if that helps.) I am getting signal, as it records on Reaper, as I tried this. Through Amplitube, however, I am getting no signal. It just keeps making a feedback sort of noise (I had this happening without the chord as well) The tuner seems to see something, but just keeps fluctuating between A and A#

My two questions:
1.) I wanna use headphones to use the program. I have no found a way to use the interface (which has no headphone jack) in the USB outlet and have the sound through headphones/speaker jack.

2.) Am I wasting my time with this patchcord and interface combination? I already paid $40 and can bring it back, so would just be better to get an actual interface with its own headphone jack? I've looked at the Scarlett 2i4, would this do what I want?
Get ASIO4ALL. What happens here is that your software uses only 1 device at a time. So when you're using your USB patch cable as an input your computer also tries to output sound to this device. Obviously this dosen't work as you have no speakers attached to that cable. Asio4All lets you choose different devices for input and output.

You would have to set it to (IN : Name of your cable OUT : your soundcard).
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the problem is in the drivers.

I know what you are talking about , as I had the same problem at the beginning. ASIO4ALL fixed it.
Hey guys,
I am super stuck on how to implement this driver. How do I use it? Downloaded it, but nothing comes up!
If you're running windows it should be in the icons next to the clock. It's a play icon in a green box.