So i have a jackson dinky usa from '91
Great guitar but not happy with the current setup.
I believe its all original, but it has jackson h/s/s passive pickups, 3 knobs,
3 mini toggle switches, and i believe je-1200 midboost.
Anyway dont care for the pickups or the midboost.
Definately going to swap the pickups for some far superior duncans.

My question:
I want to take out the the je-1200, what shall i do for the 3 toggle switches?
Im thinking just making them on/off switches for each pickups, but then what of the 3
Volume/tone knobs. Pretty straight forward, but kinda boring.
Any suggestions or combinations for these 6 knobs/switches?
Or any possible boosts or mods i can utilize thw toggle switches?

Id appreciate any ideas.
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listen to the guitar and see what it needs. I had good luck with certain cheap pickups or a different string type bringing a guitar to life. It's odd but it makes sense over thinking things. with mini toggles you have lots of options. Before we get started we have a few kinds so lets go over that fast.

momentary on as well

so on/on would be like a push pull. 2 functions
on/off/on would be two mods and the middle is a bypass
on/on/on is for more advanced stuff. I haven't found much use
momentary on is like a killswitch.

so some ideas for the switches
*series / coilsplit parallel - on/off/on switch
3 sounds per pickup- full power and 2 distinct extra tones for the pickup.

*phase reversal if the middle pickup is 4 wire - on/off
gives you a distinct twang or quack in the 2nd/4th positions. It'd hard to describe.

*7 way mod - on/off
you can turn the bridge / neck or all 3 pickups on at once. David Gilmour used this on his black strat. The 9 way mod exists as well but it is complete overkill. I would use it for fender strats with all boring 2 wire pickups that buzz in isolated positions but yeah.. 7 way mod is more useful.

one mod to really utilize the bridge/neck pickup if you pair it with the 7 way mod I'd go with the seymour duncan p-rails bible 2 push pull wiring. Convert the two to push pulls and engage the 7 way mod for 12 distinct tones out of just the two humbuckers and then do as you please with the middle.

for your tone knob
perhaps the Fender TBX tone knob - 0-4 is your basic tone knob ; 6 to 10 is a greasebucket mod which eliminates muddiness in a pickup. 5 is a bypass so no effect.

killswitches, torres engineering mid scoop, fender greasebucket , half out of phase, telecaster "power boost" , fender jazz mod to a mod that would really boost your treble in a guitar, no load tone pot (Fender delta mod i think they call it). Gain or wah active preamps come to mind from artec, EMG or a few other places.

super 5 way switches or a fender S1 volume pot also come to mind to really push the tone of your guitar. But yeah reply or send me a private message if you need any of those mods. I have them all in a folder. I mod guitars as a hobby and google has been kind to me during my sleepless nights.
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Thanks for reply man, really interesting mods.
The 7 way mod sounds pretty good, would you mind posting a link or schematic?
you got it. So see on the push pull pot (middle tone).

step 1 - solder an extra wire to your hot lead creating a Y.
step 2 - solder one of the new wires from the "Y" on the hot lead to the selector switch for say the neck pickup
step 3 - solder the other half of the Y wire to the middle contact of the push pull
step 4- solder a wire to the contact closest to your guitars top when you're looking in the cavity (on a push pull)
step 5 - solder the other half of the wire closest to your guitars top to the "0" (common) on your selector and you're done.

this wiring is designed for strats but will work nicely. No grounding or anything else to worry about. The 2nd tone knob on this is a fender greasebucket mod that works great for really loud pickups that go muddy or too much treble. I joke with guys saying it's a tone knob you'll actually use.

anyways here's the diagram. Good luck
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I had a jackson with the set up and man was it a bitch to flick those little switches when playing on a dark stage with the whammy bar getting in the way .... sold the guitar
So im still not sure how to re wire a whole new set up with this guitar. I might do a mod down the road. But for now i just want a pretty simple setup; volume, tone, and idk what to do with the mini switches. Either to use them to turn on/off each pickup, or as a push/pull single coil thing, or something i have no idea. Or maybe i can use a 3 way toggle if it fits in the mini switche holes, maybe?
It also bugs me idk what the je 1200 works or what each knobs does.
I guess i dont really have a specific question, just im confused on how to make this work

Im aslo chenging the pickups to a duncan custom, vintage rails, and cool rails. Which i got today, so im ready to start putting them in
In the first instance I'd just swap the PUPs over retaining the existing wiring and switching and see what that does for you.

I know exactly what you mean though as, in the late 70's, I bought an Aria Pro II (which I still have) that has an array of switches and knobs and active electronics but, ultimately, it only ever seems to have one or two positions that don't sound like mud. Bizarrely these positions vary from amp to amp.
Thats probably the smarter thing to do first.the problem is i dont know what the existing wiring does tho. The je 1200 is a midboost i believe, but i dont know which knob or switches pertains to which pickups and all that. Pretty frustrating
Does it have active electronics? Are any of the knobs also push pull? Are any of the switches 3 position?
the knobs are normal, not push pull.
The switches are 2 positions.
The electronics are active. But for the mid boost and not for the pickups i think
Convention would suggest the front knob is master volume.

One or both of the remaining knobs will be tone.

As it only has two position switches I would assume the first switch is the neck or bridge selector.

The second switch turns the middle PUP on or off and the rear switch turns the active electronics on and off.

I am only guessing though as I can't see many other alternatives for two way switches.
not sure where to ask to this,how can i get help getting wires right in a aria 004 dx,e-mailed aria ,they wont write back
"Id appreciate any ideas."

Suggestion: Mod your guitar with very specific purpose and avoid creating a random science experiment that ends in tears. The stock Dinky PUs are really pretty good so Duncans will probably sound different but "far superior" is overreaching. My experience in changing PUs on Japanese and Fender guitars is that they sounded exactly like the description but the guitar still sounded like me playing it.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can find the tones you are looking for in different ways without molesting the electronics. Once you have explored all options you may still discover a simple switch or pot change that will deliver what you want instead of a complete do-over that needs to be done-over.
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