Would like to put a classic style set of machine head/tuning pegs on telecaster...Who makes the best ones?

Thanks in advance.
Grover has some that look classic you'll really like. They have the right 9.14mm raidus to go into the headstock. With the modern 18:1 tuners I've had really good luck. This paired with a bone nut and the right saddles you'll have excellent tuning stabillity.

also for that 50s sound be sure to check out pure nickel strings made by various companies. It's that warmer tone before nickel plated steel came out.

There is also waverly (outrageously expensive) , kluson, schaller, sperzel and a few other options. But my go to is usually grover. Lets see what everyone else says though.
Awesome. Thank you...

Just curious. Is there an advantage to these over say a "Fender" set?
I'm interested to know what other have to say as well...Anyone else have experience with any of the other brands? Would be nice to have something that fits right in to my stock neck (American Standard Tele) Would prob do it to my Strat as well.
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