Here are some things you may find useful about me:

  • completed the Tom Hess Music Careers Mentoring Program
  • passed all music theory and aural skills courses with an A average
  • years of gigging experience and some touring experience

Here is a link to a song I wrote, with some finishing touches from my other guitarist in Shatter These Shackles --->>> http://www.jeremyrodriguez.net/#!music-/c1cnx

You may message me directly for my full music resume!

I will also type a few other things about my personality and how it may fit a band. I'm all about teamwork when it comes to the band. All ideas should be considered and expanded upon. Every member must have an important role, and pay should be distributed based on that role. I do not mind being paid the least if I am the newest member.
Most importantly, I prioritize my music career before anything else in my life (besides family of course). There is no exception. I do not have a backup plan, and I am going to do whatever it takes to make music my #1 money maker. I will not resort to any other career no matter what.

Thank you for reading up on me, and i'm looking forward to finding the perfect band!