I'm upgrading to a new guitar for some new music I'm going to try and write and record. The problem is, I don't know what type of guitar I should get for my new music. The sound I'm going for is like inbetween john Mayer and Ed sheeran. I'm mainly acoustic. There's too many options for acoustic guitars and I don't know which to get. I looked at the little Martin but I think it's just too small for me. I'm ideally looking for a size that's in between the little Martin, and a standard guitar. I'd also need an acoustic electric one. I'm just not sure what guitar will fit me the best and give me the best sound for thw music I'm trying to make. Also, I have long fingers and I'm about 6' tall, so that's why the little martin seems like it'd be too small.
I'm gonna assume standard size means dreadnaught. The next size smaller I think would be concert size. The Yamaha A-series has a concert size option and they have a very good pre-amp system(called SRT). They're solid spruce tops and you can get the back and sides in rosewood, mahogany or maple; all solid(AC3) or laminate(AC1). I don't know what guitars John Mayer or Ed Sheeran play but with different wood options plus the settings on the SRT preamp, you should be able to come up with something suitable. Of course this is just 1 option and like you said there are MANY. Do you have a budget?
Since I first discovered them a couple of years ago (that's here in the UK - they've been around longer in the US) I've been quite a fan of Recording King guitars. US designed and made in China they are very good quality instruments and reasonably priced. They also do a comprehensive range of models, some of them quite unusual.

Now I don't know why Ed Sheeran chooses to play a daft little 1/2 guitar - probably a gimmick - but that's his business. But if I was after a smaller-bodied electro-acoustic guitar that still packed a punch I'd be considering either:-

The Recording King ROM-06 CFE


This is an OM shape guitar with a thinner body, good Fishman electronics, 42mm "C" profile neck, 14 frets to the body.

Or, even better IMHO, the Recording King RP2 - 626


This is a 00 shape guitar with optional Fishman electronics, 45mm "vintage V" neck, 12 frets to the body. It comes either full bodied or with cutaway. (Remember this has a V profile neck - I like them but they are not to everyone's taste).

Here is the full range of models: http://www.recordingking.com/products/guitars-all-models
Worth a look.
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These look great, I'm having trouble finding the price though. How much are they usually? And what's the difference between the two. Also, do you know if they ship to Canada?
canada? you could get a seagull - you have a price advantage as they're made in canada. they make some nice guitars.

i'd also suggest a recording king 000, which is my favorite size of recording kings, but you need electronics. if you don't need a cutaway you could get a recording king 000 and add the electronics or pay someone to do it. RKs are among the best deals in all solid guitars.
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Good suggestions. Check out Seagull, Yamaha, and Recording King and I'm sure you will find a nice player in your price range. Go shopping and get them in your hands. Really hard to choose over the internet IMO.
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+1 on seagull, excellent guitars. Don't know much about RK but they get a lot of favorable press on here too.
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These look great, I'm having trouble finding the price though. How much are they usually? And what's the difference between the two. Also, do you know if they ship to Canada?


Good price ^ ^ ^ ^

I think Musicians Friend have the RP2-626 for around $900 US
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