Just picked up a used telecaster in need of a pro set up, anyone recomend a good tech in the walnut creek, berkley area ?

I'm sure they're there, but my recommendation is that you go over the bridge and haul the guitar to Gary Brawer, 15 Lafayette (I think) in SF. I drag crap up there from LA, and trust me, there are some techs around here.
Why can't you set the guitar up yourself?
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I often pay for a really good initial setup for guitars that are new to me (whether used or new).
Couple of reasons:

Most of the time the guitar's frets aren't level (this includes those Gibsons direct from the factory that are supposed to have been PLEK'd during manufacture). So I'll have the frets superglued and (usually) Plek'd by Gary. Not only does this ensure that I'm getting a great baseline setup, but the PLEK produces a computer file that can be compared to a new analysis a year or more down the line. You get to see how and if the neck moves over time. Moreover, I can simply send a guitar to Gary and he already has the parameters he needs to set up a new one the way I like it. The fret superglue not only minimizes the chances of a humidity-change "flyer fret" but it also reduces the likelihood of a dead fret, etc.

The guitar gets completely checked over and comes back with everything adjusted optimally, frets polished, etc.

You can do most of the minor setup things yourself, but it's the major things (the PLEK and fret superglue) that cost the money, so why not have the rest done while it's there.

After that, I can pretty much take care of it myself, but since Gary offers any of his PLEK customers a setup refresh at any time during the first year after the PLEK job, I try to take advantage of that toward the end of that first year as well.