I have recently began building a guitar from a kit I bought on the internet. Currently I am in the process of sanding and staining, but I've been looking into what pickups I want to buy and have found myself short of the answers I need.

As someone looking to play progressive metal, I have decided on the DiMarzio Liquifire and Crunchlab for the neck and bridge position and for the middle, I've decided to go with the Bareknuckle Cobra dual rail single coil. The DC resistance is the all around the same, and they're all passive, so I'm not necessarily worried about compatibility. My current issue right now, before deciding to commit and buy, is if I should buy the middle pickup in RWRP. Would this be a good idea? I've read mixed reviews of RWRP in the middle pickup, and since the pickup is dual rail, as well as coming from a different manufacturer, I am not sure what to do.

Thanks in advance. Sorry if any of my questions are dumb, this is my first time ever working with these things.
perhaps the Dimarzio chopper or something along those lines. It's 4 wire and cancels hum.

with 4 wire single coils like I can imagine the cobra is RWRP shouldn't matter. You can reverse a pickups polarity if it's 2 wire by wiring it backwards. Reason we're doing this is so the 2nd and 4th position cancel hum. Hence the 9 way mod or out of phase. Email Bare knuckles just to see though, if it's 4 wire RWRP won't matter as each rail is a separate coil that you guessed it makes it a mini humbucker. They do fit into the routing of a single coil guitar no worries. Just like a 4 wire humbucker you can get 4 sounds out of them.

I'd also check out the Dimarzio D-activator (or X series) , the super distortion or X2N bridge or the tone zone. Lots of great dimarzio pickups are out there. I'm tired of every ibanez guitar that pops up on my local craigslist with just the Liquifire and crunchlab or evolutions. It's different if you're a steve vai or john petrucci fan but yeah youtube and see. It's the best solution to play the guitar and see what it's missing. Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan have lots of EQ to go by to help you make a decision. Avoid youtube though, too many guys have no idea how to compare pickups.

by the way there is rail pickups on ebay for 6 or 7 USD at 9-12k resistance each. They are black with chrome rails , white with black rails or all white depending on what you want. I forget which seller has the 12k ones. They aren't terrible. I paired it with a 19k bridge pickup. But if you want the highest resistance pickup on the market check out the kent armstrong M-bucker. It's 2 humbuckers in one guitar pickup. 27.5k. $100 USD for it plus shipping if you're not in the states.
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