I have a macbook pro and a yeti blue microphone. I want to record my steel string guitar. I have been using iMovie because its simple but the recordings are bad. I have logic pro X but I don't know how to use it. Could I get an ok recording with this set up? I tried recording in my bathroom for better acoustics. Is that a good idea? I also want to record my electric guitar but I like the tube sound, what would I need to do that with my current set up. Thanks.
I'd suggest trying for bedroom recording first, bathroom could be hit or miss.
You might gave Garage band on Mac so maybe start with that?
Acoustic guitar is all about mic placement, I do one condenser pointed at 12 fret for starters but listen to what sounds right.
If you want to get more serious you might want to buy an audio interface so you can mix more than one mic at the same time, usually for electric guitar it is better to start with sennheiser e609 or shure sm57 (dynamics) as they're more directional and can handle high her volume levels, so you can get them closer to the speaker, then you can augment with a dynamic mic and mix in more room or capture different things, maybe even use the toilet as reverb chamber :-)
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