This is one of the easiest mods you'll ever do. Ever wanted to turn on just the outer pickups on your Ibanez RG, or all 3 pickups on a fender strat this is for you.

The most famous example is David Gilmours black fender strat. Personally I like this for the neck pickup as I pretty much exclusively use the bridge position. But it's all up to you. You can use this on les pauls with 3 pickups and a basic 3 way toggle or a bunch of other ways. It's all up to you.

so how does it work on a strat / RG?
when you pull up on a push pull or engage a DPDT or SPST mini toggle you're turning on the pickup in a position it never is in. Both wire the same way DPDT or SPST as we're accentuating on only half of the switch. Just be 100% sure you're using on/on switches and not momentayr.

with the push pull down
bridge / middle
middle / neck

with the push pull up (the mod activated)
middle / neck - this is not a typo
or vice versa if you use the bridge for the mod

so with the schematic
ground is ground
pickup hot lead is where the pickup ends up. This doesn't change
"selector hot lead common" would be "0" on a selector or the hot lead going to the jack on a les paul.

tin the wires prior to soldering together
as always 60/40 rosin core solder I suggest
use heat shrink tubing, electric tape looks cheap and doesn't last. It's one whole dollar on ebay. This ensures you don't get any shortages and lasts longer than electric tape.

here's the schematic, the 9 way mod also exists for strat users but it's overkill to find ways to eliminate hum in every position without getting some 4 wire single coils.. good luck

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