I'm pretty sure I'm able to sing. I've got my own songs etc. But I don't know why but I find it awkward to sing in front of a few people. I'd rather sing in front of 40000 people than 2 in a small room. Why?..

Just another question in general. Why do I flush so easily even if I don't feel any tension and I simply feel completely relaxed? Not always, but every now and then.
Im pretty sure everyone is like that. If you sing for 2 people you focus on them and fixate on their every reaction. And its especialy bad if they are family. But if you have a large crowd, you dont care that much because those are people you dont know, and you cant really focus on one specific person. And you also get an ego boost, becasue you know they are all there to listen to you. I have no idea about the blushing tho, i guess thats just how you are. Some people randomly blush, its just something you have to deal with. Nobody probably cares anyway.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.