Ive got a set of new machine heads for my bullet strat. They fit in the peg holes fine and all, but when I put all six in, ready to screw, they all get squashed together and end up not straight and slightly skewed. I don't think it's effecting the peg positioning but it does of the turning handle thing.

I apologise for being a noob, but does this make a difference, if they are tilted slightly?

Not really, but it looks rubbish. If you get a ruler + pencil, draw a line through the 6 holes, line up the tuners and tighten them individually while holding them in the proper alignment, you'll end up with a much cleaner result. It only takes a few minutes, you might as well do it right.
the straight edge idea works great, draw a line with a pencil and you're set. If not stewmac has this template sort of thing to drill and so forth. But it's not worth it if we're going to use it once right?
Thanks, I couldn't actually physically make them perfect, but it'll do. I just want to play it
For future reference, when you do this, use a small drill for a pilot hole, after marking with a straight edge. That keeps the screws from wandering when you put them in place. The drill will also try to walk, so make a dent with a center punch before drilling, the drill will follow that center punch dent. Use some masking tape for a depth gauge, so you don't drill all the way through the headstock. You only need the pilot holes about 1/4 inch deep, that will keep the screws in place.

If you have to put a screw in and it's off center of an existing screw hole, fill the existing hole with a toothpick or match stick and a dab of wood glue.
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