I was looking at pictures from an auction and I originally was interested in an Ibanez AF75 they had there, but then took a closer look at this Squier. I noticed it had a clamping nut, and thought "oh well that's interesting" then I noticed the tremolo. Floyd Rose 2 I believe? Now, I was wondering if anybody has any info at all on this. Google is just all over the place. I found that the floyd's came with some squiers but I'm still not sure. This is the only picture they had other than the bottom left corner of the guitar while they were picturing the table it was sitting on. Also, around what should I bid for this? I honestly don't need another guitar (I have 7 haha) but damn I would love one with a working tremolo. Especially a nice one like a Floyd Rose.
Thank you very much! This is the only picture I have of it.
I believe that Floyd Rose 2 bridges are said to be pretty crap, unless it's the German-made one made by Schaller. The licensed versions sucked, and given its a Squier, its probably the crappy licensed one.
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Sounds like a Squier Showmaster, but the link doesn't work.

Those guitars do not have good trems, they are crappy licensed FR trems.

Since you have 7 guitars (*if they are cheap ones) why not get rid of them and get 1 or 2 good ones?
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