What i searching is for something like Asking aleaxndria. And Make Me Famous - blind date and also something like Down & Dirty - move it. THat Crabcore tunes and also some good cleans with it.
Bassicly where cleans and then comes breakdowns with screams. What i hate is constant melody without any breakdowns in middle
Miranda Cosgrove is kind of like Asking Alexandria.
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Miranda Cosgrove is kind of like Asking Alexandria.

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You might as well listen Underoath dude. That's about as close as you'll get. No metalcore band will sound like AA because they're not metalcore. You're looking for new post-hardcore bands or whatever those scene bands are called now
Make a station on Pandora for Asking Alexandria. There are plenty of bands that sound similar to them, I See Stars, Capture The Crown, Make Me Famous. Their style of music isn't exactly hard to replicate.
Just google Metalcore.

And then don't darken our Hardcore realm again.
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You might like Beartooth, Motionless in White, Of Mice and Men, Bring me the Horizon. One recommendation, which will sound kinda weird, but go to a Hot Topic or their website, and most of the shirts they have are bands in similar style.