I have an idea that I would like some advice on. Could I wire the black and white wires used for coil splitting my bridge humbucker with my neck single coil to make a humbucking effect? If so, would it be as easy as soldering that with the hot from my single coil on my three way switch?
if there is 2 wires in the pickup you cannot. But by black and white wires as in a say Dimarzio pickup you most certainly can. The kind I recommend is a parallel wiring. You get a hum cancelling single coil tone out of your guitar. Guitarelectronics.com has all the pickup color codes or a few quick readings out of your multimeter will tell you which wire does what.

if it is a 2 wire pickup and you're fairly new to soldering I don't recommend modding the pickup adding a 2nd wire coming out of the pickup to coilsplit it (buzzing single coil tone).

but there is plenty of ways to coiltap / coilsplit. push pull pots, rotary switches, mini toggles.. you name it. Seymour duncan has the easiest to follow diagrams. But I do custom diagrams all the time so let me know.

this is a spin a split mod, this has to be a 3/4 wire pickup. Any brand. You're still wiring up your volume the same way this pot represents a tone pot you re-wire.
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