Hey guys ! So my band Kaihon has put out our first track up for streaming on Youtube !

The single is essentially groove metal and was mixed by Keshav Dhar of Skyharbor at his studio. Like our page and video if you like what you hear !

Here's my bands FB page :


And here's the YouTube link :


Willing to C4C as well. Thanks for the support !
Mighty idiomatic modern metal, with consummate musicianship and arrangement. Thick, solid slabs of guitar, frenetically polyrhythmic drums. The mix is slightly bass light, it could do with more growly attitude on the bass guitar to fill the bottom end. The vocalist finds a nice balance between primal grunting and lucid lyricism, with all the requisite power and stamina that this style of singing requires.
The metallic sound leans towards funk beat constructions, with evenly punctuated grooves relentlessly driving this accomplished sound. The whole band achieve a professional level of tightness and slickness.
The engineering and production are fine, excepting the aforementioned bass lightness, which is a minor fault. This recording is a perfect demo for this band.
If this band can consistently create and perform music of this quality, they should achieve commercial success, as this sounds polished enough to be taken to the next level, and all the ingredients, vocals, musicianship, writing and performance, are perfect.
C4C here.
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Wow. Awesome song man! The production quality is terrific. Guitars and drums are tight. I love that you can understand the vocals. I'm not typically too keen on screaming vocals unless I can understand them. I hear a Chimaira influence in the songwriting. I would agree that groove is the perfect term to describe the style of metal. It just flows so nicely. Nothing here to critique. Keep it up!

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