C4C here. Hi man, this is okay am not keen on the vocals and feel the verse melody could be a little better seems a tad dull. But although saying that this tune kicks off a country-ish vibe to me, the best part of this song is the bridge. and also easy to sing a long to which people will like
I'll start out by saying that I'm not a huge fan of country music. With that said, not a bad track! I feel like this needs the additional instruments. With the message this song delivers, it's just needs a more up tempo feel. I agree with what the person above me said about the bridge. Best part of the song and leads into the final chorus nicely. Vocals are okay. Perhaps they would be helped out by better production. Overall pretty solid work! Nice job!
Thanks for the crit ! Well I'm not a huge country fan, but I can tell you this song has soul.Love your voice and the way it carries a tune. My only suggestion would be to make it sound more grandiose. A string and horn section added to this would in my opinion make me want to hit the play button again and again.
Hey man, i'm coming here as the [C4C] implied. I really don't like country. I tried to listen to country a couple of times, but it didn't really get to me. Idk how much my post will count but I will try to do my best. Anyway, the voice is too loud, in comparison with the guitar. Regarding composition wise what can I say? It isn't really dull, but it doesn't enthrall me either. You used an effect for the vocals? It sounds a little bit off by the end. Anyway, keep playing and don't think about what others think. As long as you like it, you shouldn't worry. Cheers!
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: when the guitar starts, the audio quality doesn't sound very good, but somehow the guitar sounds better audio-wise when the vocals play. The vocals are quite good for country music. Are you by chance from Texas? I lived in Fort Worth for 3 years long ago. I don't listen to much country music, but the song itself is quite good for country.
Despite the basic recording, this actually sounds good. The vocal is excellent, a rich resonant voice with that lovely rolling baritonal idiomatic country phrasing, a pellucid lyricism, and an individual charisma. The vocal doubling overdubs are unnecessary, in fact they're a distraction, especially on a basic recording like this. The singing is strong enough not to need doubling support too, it nicely makes a full satisfying sound just solo.
The guitar playing works, because of it's steady rhythm, good feel, and springy dynamics.
It's a nice song, but you have to listen hard to get the song because of the basic presentation. I feel that this song would sound lots better with a full production. In fact I urge chasepalmer to think about presenting his talents in a more complete fashion, as his abilities clearly warrant this.
C4C here.
I feel that this song has it's strengths, it has character and I like that final chorus line. The verses are, as has been said a little dull but I think with a couple of other instruments it wouldn't be. Whilst I do think it needs something else accompanying it, be sparing because it could end up sounding quite generic if you get the balance wrong!

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Thanks for the feedback!

Bit of a running theme here, I'm also not a big country fan lol. The composition's alright but could do with a good bit of tweaking, there's no super-strong melody for it to be hung around. Mixwise I like the doubled effect you've got on it (gives it a bit of a vintage 70's/80's feel) but agreed with the above in that the recording quality isn't very good.
You need a new microphone I think. Sounds very tiny. Really takes away from any evaluation of songwriting :-/
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