Hey guys already wrote this lyrics and I think there pretty darn revolutionary. However I understand that they are not Finnish and need a bit of tweaking. Any young budding songwriters out there want to collaborate.

What is the truth
Oh strewth
I forgot to turn the oven off
I'ts like back in turkey in the sun

I thought it would be funny
if I would be there first
i forgot what was the beggining and what was not

So i can always catch the southbound northern train
to hell and mabie back
cos im so tired of all the setbacks
don't turn off the light on your way back
Sorry man, I can't find anything to work from. No offense but what is there has no consistency or structure. No theme to build on. Not even a rhyming scheme.... It may be a poem of sorts but less you have a hella melody for it vocally then lyrically it's moot.
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