so I need a gigging rig, for under 1,000 I mostly play heavy noise rock/shoegaze type stuff.

A guitar, and a fuzz pedal, so what I need is a gigging amp that can go ****ing loud and a good delay/reverse delay pedal and anything else that is required for gigging. really need help as I have never gigged before.
you need an amp that sounds good not just f^cking loud. are you talking $1000 for guitar amp and pedals?
Hey sorry that's a typo, I meant I have a guitar, I just need pedals and an amp, and yes you are correct, I do need the amp to have great tone
ok well for fuzz you can't go wrong with a Dunlop Fuzz Face. a delay that also does backward delay may be a bit pricey just so you know. don't know enough about shoegaze to recommend an amp but that is where a good chunk of your budget should go. you may want to consider a multi-fx unit
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so what I need is a gigging amp that can go ****ing loud
So you need a PA system.

Get a PA system, an amp won't sound good to the whole audience in that setting.

Then, for shoegaze get whatever half nice clean amp and a multi fx unit, say a quadraverb 2.
Or, get a pod and be done with it.

In any case you need a PA system if you want to gig.
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Hot Rod Deluxe and Digital Multi Effects pedal. Good to go.
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it is assumed you will have a PA. if not, you got a whole nothing to to worry about.

assuming that - then all of these suggestions will work. TC flashback will do reverse and a lot of others. toneprint. thats a good place to start looking. actually PGS had one of their alter ego multi delay units for around 180 which is a killer deal.

amp? well, really depends what you are going for. i would say my carvin v3m would do a lot of stuff. can get a clean fender type amp, but i think that puts more emhpasis on the number and type of effects that you buy.
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I have a digitech hardwire delay pedal that I use when I gig. It does reverse delay, as well as a whole bunch of other sounds.
Fuzz - Fuzzface, EHX Big Muff Pi (Little Big, Nano, Tone Wicker models are fine), Double Muff, Fulltone '69 MKII, Zvex Fuzz Factory, Fuzzrocious Rat Tail or Rat King.

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Delay - One trick ponies: Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Everything you could ever want and then some ponies: TC Electronic Flashback X4 or Triple Delay. Other: EHX Memory Man.

Reverb: TC Electronic Hall of Fame or T2, EHX Cathedral Stereo Reverb or Holy Grail Max/Plus.

Chorus: Boss CH-1 or CE-5, TC Corona, Mooer Ensemble King, EHX Neo Clone.

Amp: Fender HRD or DeVille, Peavey Classic 30 or 50, Peavey Valveking 212... not really sure what else to suggest here. Basically anything with nice headroom.
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ampeg v50h, a trinity 2, delay laby, and hyperion your audience will orgasm.
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