I don’t think that there are any nine-string left handed guitars in production. Almost none of the nine string guitars announced in the last two years have turned up in dealer inventories, so it’s likely that even right-handed models aren’t getting past the prototype stage.

Given your budget most custom builds aren’t an option. Even Carvin/Kiesel would be too much with the cost of shipping to Qatar. I think your best option is to find out when Agile (www.rondomusic.com) will be accepting custom orders again (probably spring) and have them build a guitar for you.
Agile (Rondo Music dot com) makes 9- and 10-string guitars, and they occasionally have a lefty available. You might email them and see if they have one that's not listed on the website at the moment, or if they're going to have more available soon. These are production items, but, as you'd expect, they're not wildly popular, so they go in and out of stock. Kurt will let you know. Pricing should be within your budget. The Rondo "custom shop" isn't open at the moment (usually about once a quarter), but you may be able to custom order a leftie nine when they are.

Carvin isn't currently making 9-string guitars, far as I know, but when they do, I'm sure that lefties won't be a problem to order. They will be beyond your budget, however.