Hi folks,

Wrapped this up today and it would be nice with some feedback (will return the favor).
The song is sort of eclectic, contains some death, some thrash and some slam.


Stuff used:
Schecter c7 Jeff Loomis
Peavey 5150 with Marshall cab (MF400), with a Sure SM58
Song recorded through an sE X1
Logic DAW
EZ Drummer2
EZ Mix2 Metal
Hey man, this is not my type of music I would usually listen to but saying that, I like this haha. Its a nice tight production from you. I really like those screechy guitar effects you've got in there and the screaming backing vocal is really unique and its almost like finding your own sound in a genre which I think you've kind of nailed keep making stuff like this and using that vocal and am sure you could go far

you can C4C my track here
@heaven086: Thanks a bunch, really appreciate it!

@aaron aardvark: Thanks man, I know it's probably not your cup of tea but sure appreciate the comment on the guitars!
Another non metal head here, but still. I go to the occasional heavy gigs just to rock out.

The ideas are good, tight production and all round good instrument playing.
The issue I take is with the dynamics, there are too many of them!
I like the individual bits but everytime I get into something it changes pace, try rethinking the structure a bit and don't be afraid to split it into multiple songs if that works better.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1670501
@weorge: Thanks for the input and the advice. To a certain extent this probably goes to genre expectations; guess I am quite influenced by the type of song structures you will find in deathcore and similar styles.

I appreciate feedback, but I did not expect some kind of Spanish Inquisition!
Then again NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION! My main weapon is the element of surprise. And brutality. My TWO main weapons are the element of surprise and brutality. And an almost fanatical devotion to the Dark Lord. My THREE, my three main weapons... Oh, whatever...