I want to fill my floyd rose cavity and place a wrap around bridge. I know a lot of you will say just block it I dont want to I want it gone so don't suggest please. I need to know what to do on the nut. How do I replace that floyd nut and place a graphite nut. I know how to fill the cavity. What I dont know is bridge placement. Also do I have to replace the floyd rose nut with a graphite nut or can I keep that floyd rose nut? Also whats better warp around or string through body bridge?
I'll break my answer down into small steps since firing it all at you in one lump will likely be a mess;

1. Nut: Personally, I wouldn't. I really like a floyd nut since you don't need to file it to get strings to fit. If it needs to be a little lower, just file the neck where it sits. If it's too low, just shim it. That's my opinion anyway.

2. Placement: This part is simple on paper, but it may be a case of trial and error in reality. Basically, if it's a 25.5" scale, put it approximately 25.5" from the nut (or 12.75 from the 12th fret). As for the centring to the left and right, find the centre of the bridge, then pit it on the same axis as the centre of the neck (find the centre of the nut and the last fret, then draw a line between the two centres).

3. Type?: This is entirely your choice, though if you're going for a regular tune-o-matic style bridge, you'll need to recess it because they're designed for guitars with a neck break angle which mostg guitars with a floyd aren't.
I honestly wouldn't bother. I had a customer want to this but this is way too much work. I know you said not to take suggestions for blocking but this is an excellent product.

A tremol-no you can do two things.
1- make the guitar go fixed bridge - easier re-stringing, tune to anything when "locked"
2- or have the what if option to do dive bombs and so forth.
so what isn't to love. It's fast to install too.

this is coming from a guy who would take a string through guitar any day with a graphite nut over a floyd rose any day of the week too. If I was you I'd sell the guitar you have the tremolo on. A kahler is a much better solution if you want to lock and float. Quicker to re-string and you can put ti into any tuning without the slightest adjustment if you keep the same string gauge on.

however... wood filler, wood glue, I'm sure there is something. But the guitar probably won't have that fullness of a fixed bridge guitar. The best thing you can do for that naughty S word (sustain) that is bastardized beyond belief in the guitar world is by making the floyd rose as heavy as possible using floyd rose upgrades. Brass blocks to anything in between.
I'm picking if it has a floyd routing then its for a recessed floyd (?) which usually means the neck is really low in the neck pocket so wrap around bridge will be way to high to get the action low enough....and most tuneomatic's are similar heights

now if its just standard routing (so no "cut out" on the top of the guitar) then a good bit of thick hard wood cut opposite to the routing, wood filler will do the job.....but it is a lot of work
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Don't bother. Get another guitar.

This is way more complicated than you want to contemplate and the results will be WAY less than spectacular.
Quote by dspellman
Don't bother. Get another guitar.

This is way more complicated than you want to contemplate and the results will be WAY less than spectacular.

I agree 100%