hi, im pretty new to electric guitar, im looking for a good starter guitar to play metal.
i have 2 choices

used schecter damien 6 at 300$
used jackson js30dkt at 200$ with seymour duncan pickup at the bridge

any of theses one a good deal, or i should just go with the cheaper one cuz i wont see any difference at my level..

tks for tips
sry for bad english XD
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I'd go for the Jackson then the schecter
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I'd go for the Jackson then the schecter

probably what i would do too. +1.
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If they are actual Duncan pick ups and not "Duncan designed" the Jackson hands down.
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Do you have an opportunity to play both?

That's what I'd have to do to make this decision (I own a Jackson and a Schecter and I love both of them).
Yeah I'd play them both to see which one feels better to you. Shit, If I was you I would go play them and then play a 200 dollar Ibanez Rg and see what u think.