Hello everyone!

I am looking for information on pedals for acoustic guitars.

My wife and I are in a rock band and she uses a Godin A6 Ultra like this one:


That guitar has a humbucker but also a piezo. We run her humbucker into a tube amp with a distortion pedal. Her piezo goes into the board. Both sounds are on all the time

The problem is that the piezo is very quiet compared to the humbucker and depending on the sound system/soundman, it can sound thin and lackluster.

I realize that it will never sound like a mic'ed up acoustic guitar but that's not what we're going for anyways. However, I would like to add a bit of oomph into her piezo sound.

At the moment, I have an JOYO EQ pedal I use for electric that I could give her to shape a better sound but I was wondering if there were any decent pedals geared towards the acoustic plaer to either beef up the sound or to give it some EQ options.

The fishman pedals look nice but they're on the pricy side
If it's merely a question of level, a simple MXR, 'Micro Amp' should easily take care of that. Although it doesn't have XLR inputs, just 1/4". These will impart a serious boost in gain, without distortion. (Unless of course you overdrive the amp's, or board's input (s) with it.


Is this what you mean?

I'm curious, is it that you wife's guitar doesn't have an onboard preamp for the piezo?

The Micro-Amp doesn't have any EQ, or 'tone shaping' function, just boost
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thank you for your response.

The level is the smaller problem of the two. Most clubs will be able to boost it enough but every once a while, we hit a place with a bad PA or lazy soundguy and her acoustic sound gets lost in the mix. The rest of the band is pretty loud too.

If I had to solve just one of the problems, I'd go for beefing up the tone rather than bringing up the volume.

Yes, the Godin has a preamp. The company has a good reputation but I haven't played enough other acoustic guitars to be able to compare volumes. The difference in outputs is very noticeable though. I'll plug both outputs in my sound card, all levels the same and the magnetic really kills the piezo volume wise, even before distortion is added to the humbucker.
There are a number of stomp box EQs available. This MXR is probably the most elaborate, (10 band):


I would caution that the guitar's tone controls would be likely best left flat or just tweaked a bit as needed for a particular song. Were you to start digging into the bass levers too heavily, feedback absolutely will happen.

Berhinger makes a couple of rack mount units, which should be decent.

They also have a 7 band foot pedal EG. That said, I recommend AGAINST attempting to use any of their foot pedals in a commercial setting. The sound and modeling is excellent, but the switching mechanics are wretched and fragile. I have a few that are stuck on. No harm at home, and the pedals are reverb and delay, which can stay on all the time anyway.
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Since it has a preamp, an electric guitar pedal that will do a clean boost might be the answer. . . . .

Yes, I agree ^ ^ ^ ^. I've had some very good results using a Zoom Multi-effects Processor with an acoustic guitar. You just need to take care not to overdo the effects you use - keep the levels more modest than you might do with an electric guitar.
Just to clarify, the reason that electric guitar (more strictly speaking, magnetic pickup) FX work with a pre-amped piezo is because the input and output impedances are a good match. The very high impedance of an unbuffered (eg no preamp) piezo doesn't sound good into a low impedance input designed for magnetic pickups.