don't look that way
just cuz they say its a gray day doesn't mean that they don't see the real way
so here is rains and I remain the same
strained, chained, pains
contains the same old thing a-gain
innocence for instance,
like god, n genisis,
powerful, limitless
the wickedness, the vividness
citizens, and ignorance
to get to this, coincidence?
but here I lay, unresponsiveness
don't know how I got to this

its like I just don't exist and get pissed unmissed into the mist, dismissed
well I resist, resist, and persist to consist on this ****ing list!
I'm not ****ing done, like I said, its just begun.
So splatter that paint on that wall
close call, its artwork installed on a phone call at the town hall once and for all
well I don't like that shit again but I'll leave it in with my ****ing digital pen.
**** it.........