Hey UG! Haven't posted here in almost 6 years haha, good to be back!

I was curious if anyone has any experience with either the Squire Vintage Modified Baritone and/or the Squire Vintage Modified Bass VI? Instincts tell me they're not going to be absolutely jaw-droppingly good, but some reviews I've read seem to have nothing but praise for them (I'm asking here just to get a few more opinions, just for the record).

I'm in this odd limbo between aesthetics and hardware. I like the hardware/setup/range of the Bass VI, but... the Antigua on the baritone... It's been a while since I've seen Fender sell any instrument with that finish, it's refreshing.
The biggest drawback I'm foreseeing is that vibrato on the VI though. I love vibratos in general, but I don't trust it on this.

Any thoughts whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks guys

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