My name is Bert and I am new to this forum. I can't play guitar at all, and probably never will. But my 16-year old son does. And he is getter better and better at it. That's what fathers always think :-)

As an old electronics engineer I promised to build him a tube amp. A Marshall JCM800 2204 50W to be precise. I can find a lot of information about that; schematics and so on are widely available throughout the internet.

The only thing I can't seem to find are the drawings of the chassis and the cabinet.
Does anyone have these available for me, in PDF or another handy format?

Thanks for your help in advance!

The Netherlands
You're an awesome dad.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
Another option would be Ceriatone. They have 2203 and a 2204 clone kits, but you don't have to get the whole thing - you can order just the head cab, chassis, and faceplates. Or you can just order the kit so you don't have to do the board layout yourself. They have layout diagrams on their site and are good about email, so I'm sure you could get board dimensions from them if you wanted to do your own board and wiring.

A lot of people use Ceriatone for the head shell and chassis and do the rest themselves.