Hey everyone! I've been searching this for a while but I was wondering if there is a way to bring beats from AD2 into GP6. I've found tons of threads for going GP to AD but not the other way around. I usually jam with an AD beat and then notate the music into GP6 but would like to keep the drum beats as well (into GP6) but when I drag the beats from AD into GP it opens a piano instrument and is all over the place. Can anyone help?
They're midi so use daw, add your drum arrangement, export that track to midi and then import midi into GP6.
Maybe GP6 sees the midi and opens piano which is the way it handles midi by default. You'll have to assign that piano synth to trigger drum sounds.
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Don't forget to make sure your midi notes are all on channel 10, as that's what GP uses for drums (and just about any other commercial midi)
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