Hey guys,

I am looking to gather some opinions on what looper pedal I should buy. I really want the Boss RC-1 but it is so expensive. I have been looking at the Digitech Jam Man XT but I have been hearing it is very noisy. I am looking for a pedal that is less noise prone and can be easy to use on stage or at home.

Go used. Check out the Line 6 DL8 and TC Flashback. Ditto maybe? I like delay/looper pedals.
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I already have a delay pedal but I guess I could part ways with it if needed. The thing that steers me away from the Ditto is the fact that once you stop the loop the loop is gone which would suck to use live. At least this is what I have heard. I was also looking into the Digitech Jam Man XT but I have heard this pedal is really noisy. Anyone have experience with either of these?
Why not just shovel a couple driveways for the extra $30 for the RC1? I'm sure used ones will start popping up soon too.
Fender Mustang/Derfenstein DST> Boss Power Wah> Pedal Monsters Klone> Bogner Uberschall> Walrus Audio Janus> Randall RM20> Line 6 M9> Randall RM20
Theres an EHX 360 looper that has 11 (iirc) different banks of loops that just came out late last year for like $130. That would be something else to look into TS. Here's a video:

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but isn't the rc-1 just the same functionality of the ditto? i know theres a number of reasons why you can prefer one over the other but i don't think it will solve the issue you mentioned
Buy a used rc20 if you really want the boss... I'm sure it's actually cheaper
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AWACS thanks for that link. That does seem like a very nice pedal. I love the simplicity. Losing Battle I will look into that as well. I wanted a small pedal as my board is full and not very big sitting at 9 pedals. The looper would essentially replace one of my pedals on my board. I will look into it though.
I have been hunting one myself and have read so many reviews that my eyeballs are crossed. Depending on which review site you look at, you get very different opinions on these loopers. The few that have maintained a consistent good review has been the Boomerang III (pricey) and the jam man xt solo (reasonable). I have settled on the Boomerang III and the side car pedal since I don't have to keep a budget and I will provide an update once I get a few licks in.
As far as simplicity goes, you can't really go wrong with the TC Ditto Looper X2.

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