A demo of a song I've been working on,
Any and all feedback needed before I set it to a final recording!



Verse 1

Can you see the signs, growing ominous?
This won't be the last time and, it's not the first
So pay attention, the details in the font.
Learn to recognize them, don't dare get them wrong.


Someone is sure to get hurt, someone is sure to get hurt.
Before too long, an effigy will burn, and someone's sure to get hurt.

Verse 2

Can you see the lights, that guide the way?
Of course not nor can I and, that's why I'm so afraid
Of what is out there, monsters in the dark.
And if you let them, they'll tear out your heart.

Verse 3

Try to put your faith, in whatever you've got.
Your instincts or your brains, or some altruistic god
Only knows the outcome, but he's disinclined to tell.
But there is one thing, we've learned for ourselves.
Hi dude (C4C return ) this is a quick and snappy song, I think its difficult to sing along to for the average listener, am not sure on your audience base though. but I think my honest opinion about this track is that your melody could be stronger as its not very memorable, give the song some room to breath and lighten the mood in some areas of the track, and when the mood is lighter/brighter it will give an edge to this song and make people want to sing along. I do like this though so don't get me wrong
Thanks for reviewing my track! I think your song is quite catchy. In terms of critique of it as a recording, there is not much to say as I assume that it is intended as a rough demo. Would be nice to hear with some orchestration! Keep at it!
thanks for the crit man. nice guitar playing! very catchy! I like the chorus, but im not real fond of the verses...they just seem a little confusing. maybe a bridge or some kind of change up would be nice in this. it just feels a little rushed...and would be hard to sing along to since its so rapid fire. I did dig it though man