Hey guys,

I purchased a Squier 50th anni signed Strat a month or so ago, which was signed on the body by ex UFO guitarist Laurence Archer. The guitar itself is amazing, and is excellent to play but i really dont like the auto on the body.

Do you think i should remove the sig, which i may add is large? Or should i offer it to a UFO fan???
Do you have a picture of the guitar being signed? Could be very hard to prove any authenticity without. Furthermore, he isn't Michael Schenker.

The guitar probably isn't worth more, but rather quite a bit less than it would be without. You'd have to be a big fan of the player in question to buy it instead of an unmodified guitar.
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Thanks bud. I know its not MS but i only paid £50 for it anyway.

And yes, i have a photo of Laurence holding the guitar after signing.
My Omen originally was signed by Smile Empty Soul when I got it (someone gave it to me). I have since alcohol'ed off the signatures and it is in it's original black state. I know, small time band vs. metal legends. But like said above, he's not Schenker.
Cheap guitars are usually signed as a promo for media or something. If you don't give a damn who signed it, clean it off. I don't think you're throwing away a huge investment or anything.
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If you like the guitar and the autograph bothers you, wipe it off.

Practically a guarantee that he'll die the next day in a heroic way that electrifies the planet.
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If you like the guitar and the autograph bothers you, wipe it off.

Practically a guarantee that he'll die the next day in a heroic way that electrifies the planet.

No, he's gonna google his name and this thread's gonna pop up and he's gonna off himself. Way to hurt his feelings, ts.
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Or play it and let it wear off...
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HomerSGR is right. If you don't have a picture of the guitar being signed it doesn't mean much. EBay is full of big name signed guitars that people want you to buy on good faith alone and generally they don't sell if there is no proof like a photo because anyone can print up a certificate of authenticity. If it doesn't mean anything to you wipe it off.
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Or play it and let it wear off...

This, just let it happen.
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Hmmm... I was just reading a post over at TGP from a guy with a similar question. He had won a guitar autographed by Eddie Van Halen, Clapton, J. Page, C. Santana, Slash, B.B. King, Neil Young, The Edge & Pete Townshend. The general consensus there was even autographs from those heavy hitters were probably worth a lot less that he might hope. http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1541567

I'd say remove the autograph.
collecting and autographs and stuff like that just seem to always be a scam. You watch those stupid reality shows and some schmuck is standing there trying to get a couple bucks from an Elvis signed guitar and gets beat down and nit picked until he is giving it away. Always seems like why bother.
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I googled Laurence Archer memorabilia. You know what I found? Nothing! ?Which is probably what his signature is worth.
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Furthermore, he isn't Michael Schenker.


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