hey guys,

If I run my thumb along the bass neck, I can feel a slight "bump" or "lump" behind the 7th fret.

Of course since this is in the back of the neck, it doesn't mess up playing or anything but I was just wondering if this is anything that I should be worried about.

I tried taking a picture but it seems like I can't really notice it in the picture.

anyone have experience like this?
It is probably nothing to worry about. I am saying this on the assumption that your bass neck is made of wood; not of some synthetic material. Wood does things like swell under certain circumstances, and the density throughout a piece of wood is often not uniform, so you get bumps and crap like that. You could always strip the finish, sand it down, and refinish the neck, but if it is not causing you a problem, then I would not bother messing with it.

And if your bass neck is a bolt-on in the traditional style (Fender-ish Precision or Jazz), you can always pop the neck off and install a new one.
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My first thought was truss rod. Its possible its putting a little more pressure in that area of the neck. If you adjust the truss rod does the "lump" move or change?