So I have "TonePros T3BT" bridge and on this image it looks like the little screw things go all the way through the bridge, but the thing is the way my bridge works is that the screws have a little knob of metal, and my bridge sits on top of those little knobs. I don't know how to explain, is this faulty or is it working like intended?

tl;dr my T3BT bridge screws do not fit the same as the ones in the stock image
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I can't post a picture, but I'll make a paint edit, rofl. I think something's wrong with it. I'll be specific.
Okay, so the thing is that the screws in Red (hexagon) are screwed in, and what happens is that when I mount the bridge, the bridge's hexagon screws MOUNT on top of the gap (shown in green) I don't think this is how it's supposed to work. But this is how I noticed my guitar, and no changes have been done to it besides adjusting truss rod.

Guitar is a Shecter C1 Custom


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kk I took my tools out and it seems the hexagon screws were in fact not meant to be there. I have no idea how they manage to screw themselves in.
Anyway they're meant to tighten up the bridge obviously, I've never meddled with them, and my guitar sounded just fine.