I know there are threads like this, but I personally didn't find them too helpful. I play a lot of noise rock, mainly in alternate tunings. I'm looking for something that's really loud and noisy and carries distortion well. Something that feeds back a lot. I've narrowed my search to a jazzy or jag, but I cant decide between the two. I played a MIM jazzy and really liked it, and i've played a few jags that I was unsure about. I need some help deciding between the two.
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hello friend! i recommend a 2012 macbook pro. i play in a jets to brazil cover band and it hasnt failed me once.

I have a jazzmaster. It's pretty cool.

You're best off just playing both of them. Jazzmasters have a really unique tone. If you're really into that Sonic Youth-esque sound, go for that.
>noise rock

>carries distortion well

ayyy lmao
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This is a completely useless opinion as it's based on the little experience I've had playing both but I prefer the Jazzmaster.

Try the Electric Guitar section and they can help you.
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What you really need is a new amp.
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SG's are cool, but not the same as noise guitars.
Jaguars are categorically better, but seeing as you couldn't find the electric guitar section I'm thinking you might not be able to handle that many switches...
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Jaguars are pretty loud, especially the XJ220.
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